“The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy”

First, you need to contact a bankruptcy attorney. We are not bankruptcy attorneys and cannot give you legal advice.

Generally, we advise against filling for bankruptcy. You risk simply delaying the inevitable and remain at risk for foreclosure. The problem is that if the foreclosure ends up happening, you now have both a foreclosure and bankruptcy on your record.

The chapter 13 bankruptcy is the reorganization of debt. This bankruptcy is going to buy you the time you need to get the property short saled and for us to help you out with the short sale process.


Call me and I will share with you what I have seen other homeowners in your same situation do to maximize their time to stay in their home.

If you choose this option, call me ASAP at 210-777-0567.

Despite the risk, this process can be remarkable. We call it the “Bankruptcy Short Sale”.

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