“Sell Your Home With A Realtor”

You may say, “I’m going to list my house with a real estate agent.”

This option seems to make sense at first. Naturally, you want to make as much money as possible by selling at the retail value… but time is not your friend, and the risk of wasting any time is, in our opinion, not worth it.

What do you think you might list it for? Do you realize that…

If your listing agent got a contract on your house today, it will take 30 to 45 days to close? Is your sale date before that? So you can see that listing it with an agent right now is not really an option, unless you’re willing to sell it at about 70% of the market value. But, even at 70% of the market value, it will still take 30 days to close. Again, very risky.

Basically, if you want to sell your house quickly and make as much money as possible… you would be better off selling to cash buyer investor. They close fast and pay cash, so it’s a good option. At the very least, we encourage you to get a cash offer for your home from an investor. It will be a no obligation offer, so you can keep it in your back pocket! If your other options fail, you can still avoid the foreclosure by selling to an investor. You should start closing with the investor at least a week before the foreclosure date. If you need help finding an investor we can help. Call me at 210-802-HOME asap.

90% of homeowners that are behind in payments have to sell their home quick which means that they have to sell at 70% – 80% of the value for a fast closing to beat the foreclosure date! Do you fall into this category?

Can you really list your house and still get cash in 30 days?

If so, by all means do it! Call me first though so you can have a cash buyer waiting as a fall back option.


Sometimes Realtors can be helpful; however, most of the time they just get in the way. They come to you and say, “I have a buyer for your home.” They say this to get you to list your property for a long-term listing. If they say this… it is ok to give them a 24 hour listing. We give them a 24 hour listing so they can bring the buyer that they promised you. Most Realtors will not do this because they do not have a buyer, they just want a listing.

They will tell you that they need the listing agreement through the closing date. All you need to do is put instructions on the sales contract in the “additional provisions part” stating what the Realtor will make. This is the safest way for you NOT to be tied up in a long-term listing. Just watch yourself. They will also tell you not to work with investors.

Make sure that everyone you work with puts everything in writing, including a way you could get out of the transaction without further damage to you or your situation.

Please call me so I can show you how you may benefit by working with me and short sell your mortgage. Call me at 210-777-0567.

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