“Sell To A Real Estate Investor”

This is a great option and we highly suggest you consider it. At the very least, get an offer and keep it in your back pocket. If your other options don’t pan out, you will still have a way to stop the foreclosure, save your credit and put money in your pocket.

Here’s why:

  • They will make you a no obligation cash offer. You have nothing to lose.
  • If you sell to an investor, the foreclosure stops and you get a fresh start.
  • You get some cash to move on.
  • They can close in less then a week.

However, be careful!

**Beware of Real Estate Investors**

When working with real estate investors be very careful. If they do not put everything in writing and give you copies, don’t work with them… period. Some real estate investors will tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign everything and then everything they said changes.

This is why we love the MARS agreements. It puts everything in writing so that all parties fully understand what is happening. Putting everything in writing takes the “he said, she said” out of our conversation and ultimately, will give you the comfort you need in working with us.

The more investors you interview the more you will realize that working with us is safer and more reliable. We can provide legitimate and trustworthy investors that own home buying companies. They know their stuff and have no intention of committing fraud because they have a high volume of deals.  

If you don’t want to work with us, just be careful whom you are dealing with. Have them explain how much you will be getting and how much they will be making off your home. Get this in writing from them! Have them use an “Equity Agreement” or a “Homeowners Agreement of Understanding” which will help you understand the process that they will be using to get you out of your situation.

Any Investor worth dealing with will want to see the Payoff and Reinstatement Figures. In order to contact your bank on your behalf and get the details of your situation, we need you to sign an authorization to release information. Contact us and we can send you the paperwork. An alternative is to contact your lender personally and request the Payoff and Reinstatement Figures. This will show an investor what the current value is and what the total amount owed to stop the foreclosure is. You will need to do one of these and the sooner the better.

If you have any questions or want our help please call me at 210-777-0567.

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