Helpful Documents

Monthly Income & Expense Worksheet

Complete this form before deciding your course of action to stop your foreclosure. If you don’t understand your budget, you are shooting in the dark when you try and refinance your mortgage, modify your loan, etc…. If you are approved and the new payments are still not sustainable with your means, you will still lose your home after wasting time and money that could have been spent finding new living arrangements. It is very important to do your due diligence and fill out this form as accurately and honestly as possible.

Monthly Income & Expense Worksheet – Download

The Family Budget

You need to look hard at cutting excessive spending. To help you figure out your problem areas complete the Monthly Income & Expense Worksheet found on this page. Take your time and INCLUDE ALL EXPENSES. After completing your worksheet review the following to find areas you can lower or cut your spending. Be aggressive, you need to find a sustainable budget that will work with the course of action you choose to stop your foreclosure. This is a crucial step, especially if you intend to stay in your home.

The Family Budget – Download

Authorization To Release Information

Unless you intend to do the whole process alone, you will need this form. This form authorizes a 3rd party (who is not included on the property’s deed or loan) to receive information on your situation and the property’s value. If you would like help negotiating with your banks/lenders, we will need you to fill out this form. If you would like to sell the property to us or another investor, but don’t want to get the payoff and reinstatement figures yourself, you will need to fill out this form.

Authorization To Release Information – Download